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Sayonara My Friend - No Nothing Helps
We won't stop right now...
Sayonara My Friend

Title : Sayonara My Friend
Pairing : YamaShi, OhgoJima(slight)
Genre : Angst, Romance, Fluff
Summary : Goodbye my friend.

A/N : The italic is their flashback.
- Bad Grammar 'cause English is not really mine.
- Song by SCANDAL : Sayonara My Friend

Yappari ienakatta yo
I knew I wouldn't be able to say it)
Ima demo kimi ga suki da yo
(Even now, I love you)
Sayonara my friend
(Goodbye, my friend)

The place was silent. None of them dare to talks. Talked like they used before. She lowered her head avoid to see his eyes. He didn't utter anything but silently look at her. If only they can turn back to their past.

Yuuhi ni jitensha to futatsu no naranda kage
Two shadows on bikes in the evening)
Natsuyasumi owaru youna suzushii kaze ga fuku
A cool wind blows, like when summer break ends)
Ashita mo ai erunoni okashii ne samishikute
I can see you again tomorrow, but strangely, I'm lonely)
Itsumo yori toumawari shite uchi ni kaerou yo

(Let's take the long way home today)

"Hey, wanna come to my house?" Ryosuke asked his childhood friend.
"So that I can help you pack on your things?" Mirai sarcastically replied.

Its her childhood friend's last day before move out to Tokyo the after tomorrow.

"Come on Mirai, its our last day to hang out each other. Please? Besides, you're just next to our house!" He begged her.

What he said was true. May be its the time for her to reveal it. She didn't say anything but nodded. He smiled with the answer. The smile that she definitely going to miss. No words came after that. Both of them silently walked. Strangely, they took another route without questioning each other as if they both wanted it.

Yasashii dake ja tarinakatta
It wasn't enough just to be nice)
Tanoshii dakeja munashikatta
It was empty just being fun)
Nandedarou kimi no maeda to
For whatever reason when I'm in front of you)
Kakkou tsukete bakaride

(I'm always putting up a front)

Their friendship was nice. They always have fun together. Even Suzuka complaint to her that their friendship threaten her position as her bestfriend. She should be happy about it. Yes, she should. But sometimes she wish that both of them didn't started being friends before.

"Hey..what are you thinking? why are you quiet today?" Ryosuke tapped her shoulder. Both of them were sitting on the floor inside Ryosuke's room. Mirai didn't say anything but giving the usual smile.

Natsuyasumi ga owaru mae ni
Before summer break ended)
Tsutaetai koto ga atta keredo
There was something I wanted to tell you, but)
Mou ichido fureta nara mou modorenai

(If you've already mentioned it again, you can't go back)

"Ryosuke...there is something I want to tell you.." She hold the phonestrap, a gift from him, tightly in her pocket.

"What is it?" Something isn't go right. His heartbeat isn't normal.

She doubt herself. Should she said it? But its her only chance. He never know it unless she tell him. But it will risk their 10 years of friendship. She wont be able to take her words back once she said it.

Yappari ienakatta yo
I knew I wouldn't be able to say it)
Ima demo kimi ga suki dayo

Even now I love you)
Gomen ne my friend

(I'm sorry, my friend)

Silence came. No words being utter.

"I....I'll always be your bestfriend" She said.

A disappointment. He smiled to her and mouthed 'thank you'. She hate herself for being coward.

'I'm sorry, Ryosuke.'

Saigo ni KISU wo shita kimi no chirakatta heya
(Your messy room where we last kissed)
Omoide to tabe kake no AISU ga tokete yuku
(The memories disappear with my half-eaten ice cream)

"Hey! I didn't know you have this photo?!" Mirai suddenly talked while helping Ryosuke. It was their childhood photo together where he wear a gown while she wear a mini-tuxedo.

"Yeah. Mom gave it to me last year, when she was looking on our family album." He chuckled.

"Honestly, that time I really thought you're a girl! You should be a girl. You're too cute to be a boy!" Mirai laughed.

"Hey! Don't call me cute! And I'm a guy! It was mom fault, okay! She was the one whom dressed me like that!" He defend himself.

Somehow, the room start to be normal again with her laughter. Once again he smiled without realizing his hand move to her cheek. Slowly her laughter disappear. His left-hand caress her cheek. Their eyes meet, face were slowly become close until there's no more gap between them. Their shared a kiss.

Tonari ni ite kizuita koto
The things I noticed next to me)
Kasane tabun nakushita mono
The things I lost all piled up)
Chotto dake otona ni natte
I grew up a little bit and)
Shiritaku nakatta koto mo atta

(There were things I didn't want to know too)

She dashed out from his room immediately leaving him alone. Tears rolled on he face. She run to her house and locked herself in her room.

He was still stay the same on the floor. What happen few minutes ago struck his mind. He kissed his bestfriend, his childhood-friend. He kissed Shida Mirai.

You're my friend
Ima wa mou

Now you're just...)
You're just my friend

He was standing in front of her while staring her with yearning eyes. No words came until, he decide to kill the silence.

"Wanna eat ice-cream?" The same question that he asked her on their first time talked to each other.

She chuckled. "You pay for it." The same replied just like their childhood days.

Ookiku saita hanabi no oto ga Kaki kesareru kurai ga ii
(Loud enough to drown out the sounds of the huge fireworks)
Dare ni mo kikoenai futari no RABU SONGU
(Our love song that no one else can hear)

"Ryo-chan..its time to go now." His mother called him.

They were going to move now. He stand still outside their car waiting for her to came, to see her face for the last time. All of her family came, but he didn't saw her.

"Ryo-nii chan...I don't think nee-chan will come" Her sister, Miyu said.

"Dude, take care there." Yuto said while giving him a friend's hug. Same goes with Chinen.

"Be a good boy there" Its Yuto's princess talking.

"I will." He laughed slightly with her goodbye words.

Soon, his mother and father together with his sibling went inside the car leaving him whom still waiting for one person.

"Ryosuke, come on" His mother called. With a heavy heart he hop in to the car. When all of Yamada's family already inside the car, they leave the neighbourhood .

Me to me ga au tabi ni
(Whenever our eyes meet)
Namae o yoba reru tabi ni namida ga deru
(Whenever you call my name, I cry)

She was laying on her bed. She didn't dare to watch him to leave. Her phone ringing. Its a message. A message from him.

From : Ryosuke

Take care, Mirai.

Leaving her hiding place, she run to him.

Natsuyasumi ga owaru mae ni
Before summer break ended)
Tsutaetai koto ga atta keredo
There was something I wanted to tell you, but)
Mou ichido fureta nara mou modorenai

(If you've already mentioned it again, you can't go back)

"SHIDA MIRAI! WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU GONE!?" Her friend, Suzuka scold her.

"Where's him??" She ask her friends.

"He just leave few minu-" Yuto didn't finished his words when Suzuka butt in.

"Run! NOW!"

With all her strength, she run chasing the car. Not to far from her sight, she saw his family car.

"YAMADA RYOSUKE!" she scream his name.

"Ryosuke, are you okay?" His mother asked. He didn't say a words but just simply nodded his head.

"Are...isn't that Mirai-chan??" His little sister talked.

Quickly, he turn to see it. Its true. Its Mirai. She was running behind their car.

"Dad, stop!" and his dad stopped. He went out the car, and run towards Mirai.

"You came!" He beamed.

"What's with that message earlier?! We still can see each other soon!" She scold him.

"What's with that temper? You came to chase me just to scold me for sending you that message?" He chuckled.

"No." The serious mode appears. She still panting but a bit calm.

"Ryosuke. I.."

Yappari ienakatta yo
I knew I wouldn't be able to say it)
Ima demo kimi ga suki da yo
Even now, I love you)
Sayonara my friend
(Goodbye, my friend)

She smiled. "You'll always be my bestfriend."

No words from Ryosuke. Both of them exchanging stares. Until he laughed.

"You're really scared to say it out are you." He said to her.

She join his laughter. "Yes, I am."

"Well, then we're bestfriend until you finally can say it out." Ryosuke replied.

"Deal!" Mirai second it.

"Well, I guess I better get going now." He rubbed his nape.


"Bye.." the last words came out.

'I love you Ryosuke'

La la la...

Right when she reach her home,Suzuka was the first one that question her.

"Did you tell him?" She ask with Ice Princess tone.

"No, I didn't"

Suzuka was just going to yell but Mirai cut her words first.

"We're bestfriend until I can said it out."


The rest of the day continue with Suzuka's halfword while Yuto tried to calm his princess down.

I need a feedback to improve my fic. :)
Do tell me if there's any mistake.

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